2022 Bayfair

A three day event featuring mostly hydroplanes, ranging from 1 liters (small hydroplanes with a modified jet ski engine), to GP Light, to Grand Prix hydroplanes (with a Chevrolet 350 engine).  The star was the big boys, the H1 hydroplanes with a jet engine that can approach 200 MPH in the straights, and average 155+ MPH a lap.  They sound somewhat like a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.

GP Lite
H1 At turn
Grand Prix start
H1 Hydroplane Start
Sprint Boat
H1 Hydroplane
Grand Prix start
H1 Hydroplane Racing
Grand Prix Race Start
Home Street H1 Hydroplane
Another H1 Hydroplane
H1 Jet Engine
Older Hydroplane

GP Lite (Sep 18, 2022)

H1 At turn (Sep 18, 2022)

The H1 Hydroplane doing perhaps 120 MPH through the turn

Grand Prix start (Sep 18, 2022)

H1 Hydroplane Start (Sep 18, 2022)

Sprint Boat (Sep 18, 2022)

H1 Hydroplane (Sep 18, 2022)

Home Street at speed (approaching 200 MPH)

Grand Prix start (Sep 22, 2022)

Recorded at 120 frames per second, so viewing at 1/4 speed

H1 Hydroplane Racing (Sep 22, 2022)

Shot at 120 frames per second so you are viewing it at 1/4 speed.  It really goes to show how fast they are moving!  There are two other boats behind the spray of the first boat.

Grand Prix Race Start (Sep 18, 2022)

Home Street H1 Hydroplane (Sep 18, 2022)

Crew working on the engine

Another H1 Hydroplane (Sep 18, 2022)

H1 Jet Engine (Sep 18, 2022)

Whoever thought putting a jet engine from an Sikorsky helicopter on a boat was a good idea?

Older Hydroplane (Sep 16, 2022)

An older model of the Home Street hydroplane on display