Diving Into the Unkown

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Diving Into the Unkown

One of the things I have learned over the years is that when diving, or planning a dive trip, you never know what if the conditions will match up to expectations.

There have been many times when I have gone on a dive trip with high expectations, only to get below the surface and find the conditions are bad. So bad, in fact, that I might not stray very far from the anchor chain on a boat dive, or on a beach dive. give up after maybe 10 minutes.

There have been other times when I go on a trip and find the conditions so amazing that it far exceed expectations.

It is disappointing to plan a trip to some remote destination, only to arrive and find the weather is incompatible with diving. I have had two trips where I planned a dive trip, and most of the trip did not meet expectations because of weather.

One such trip was to Cozumel, where I planned for three days of diving, but only was able to dive for one way. The rest of the time the seas were too rough, it was raining and overcast.

On a recent trip to the Bahamas, I flew out to Grand Bahama to dive with tiger sharks. Upon arriving, the weather was marginal. The next morning when we planned to go to the dive site, the trip was cancelled because of weather. In the end, the trip to Grand Bahama was a waste, with overcast skies, some rain, wind, and generally poor conditions.

But that is true for any trip, not just diving. Maybe it is a cruise ship, or camping, or even just a staying in a city in some destination you have dreamed of.

May your future travels bring you good weather, good times, and good memories!